Lydia's Caringbridge
Lydia ("Liddy") Li-Mei Eiko Miyashita, Age 5.  
This photo was Lydia's favorite picture of
herself, taken at Lakeside, Ohio on August
7, 2008, just a week before she was
diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia
So, why the cats?  You will notice that we
have a link called "A Few of My Favorite
Things"-yes, the song from the musical
classic "The Sound of Music".  One of Liddy's
favorite things was the musical CATS, the
poems of T.S. Eliot set to music by Andrew
Lloyd Weber.  And you may notice that in the
top of this website, Lydia is shown dressed
as a Jellicle Cat (a homage to the musical
CATS), which was one of the fun things she
and her brother Max liked to do while she
was in the hospital.
Lydia's Hope was established in March 2009 in honour of our daughter, Lydia ("Liddy") Li-Mei Eiko
Miyashita, forever age 5, who succumbed to Acute Myelogenous Leukemia ("AML") on February 24,
2009, after a six month battle with the pernicious and deadly disease.  
Lydia's Hope is an Ohio non-profit organization devoted to supporting pediatric patients, their
families, and cutting-edge pediatric cancer research.  
Please take a few moments to read "MY STORY" in the links section and to look at the page entitled
"My Favorite Things" to learn about some of the things Liddy liked to do.

SATURDAY JANUARY 15, 2011 @ Trinity United Methodist Church in Orrville, Ohio, Lydia's
Hope will be presenting a piano concert/coffee house by outstanding young pianist Peter Douglas.
 The concert will feature a classical repertoire as well as some of Lydia's favorite Broadway songs,
which Peter has arranged.  Coffee house coffees and pastries will be available, as will a Chinese
silent auction of hand-crafted origami jewelry and other artwork.  Admission is FREE, but a free
will offering will be taken.  Please come and join us for this wonderful event.  

Trinity United Methodist Church is located at 1556 Rex Drive in Orrville, Ohio.  

**1000 Paper Cranes and Lydia:  On display at the HEARTLAND POINT in downtown Orrville,
Ohio are the 1000 origami paper cranes folded by Lydia's friends from St. Mary's School and my
parents' neighbors-both of Wooster, Ohio. What to help raise cancer awareness?  Your school,
church or organization can help in a mission to send 1,000,000 cranes to Washington D.C. to raise
funds and garner research dollars for pediatric cancer.  Find out HOW in the section entitled:  1000
Paper Cranes.

***SAVE THE DATE! Triathlon on September 3, 2011....LYDIA'S RACE...come join us, get physically
fit, AND raise awareness about pediatric cancer!
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Supporting Pediatric
Cancer Patients,
Families and Research